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Fisheyes Fashion

#FISHEYES FASHION ... Luxury with values

#FISHEYES Fashion was founded on the belief that beautiful fashion shouldn’t cost the earth (literally).

We are a collection of incredible brands and designers who hold true ‘slow-fashion’ values and techniques in their design, practice and delivery.  This means unlike the fast-fashion brands, our pieces are manufactured through ethical supply chains using environmentally friendly materials.  They are unique and made to last beyond a single fashion season.

#Fisheyes began when our Brazilian-born founder became increasingly aware of the detrimental impact fast fashion was having on the planet.  As a fashion designer who had worked in the industry for over 15 years, she was taken aback by this.  She committed to changing this landscape by favouring a slow-fashion approach to shopping and design without sacrificing style, unique design and quality - attributes she favours while curating each #FISHEYES collection.

Beginning as a social media project to promote slow fashion, #Fisheyes quickly gained the support of like-minded brands.  Transitioning the project into a curated online store was the next logical step - and so #Fisheyes Fashion was born.  Now #Fisheyes is a place where luxurious fashion meets sustainability, and customers can shop with peace of mind knowing their purchases will last for years to come.

We’re excited to share this journey with you to create a better fashion world.

Love, #Fisheyes Fashion xx