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Ambleme... limited edition artisanal iconic pieces that stand for understated sex appeal & timeless class.
True luxury is walking at a relaxed pace.  What is happiness for you? For us happiness is walking our own path having a lot of fun with peace and pleasure. And the joy... we found all this in Ambleme: amazing, happy-luxe mediterranean sandals hand crafted in Milan, Italy.

Inspired by Purist Modernism, Ambleme have created a feeling of timeless elegance and infused this feeling into their gorgeous shoes.  Wear them and serious, you feel a never-ending classy-chic holiday vibe.  I tried them with a long dress and also capri pants: they made me feel like a Greek Godess! 

Ambleme manufactures all of his products by hand with a minimum of thirty steps involving an array of hand-picked artisans with precise expertise handed down from father to son, from generation to generation, utilizing only the best quality Italian leathers and textiles.  No more words are necessary: ​​grab your favorite color and jump with them to a dreamy holiday mood.

Behind this independent label is Swiss born Stefanie Fusi. “I believe in individuality over trends and in quality over quantity. I believe that fewer, better things lead to a fuller, richer life. At Ambleme we embrace a slower concept of living encouraging the consumer to buy less, buy quality and treasure what you have”.