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Authentic glam from Adelaide, Australia. The best juice of Pacific fashion.
Authentic glam from Adelaide, Australia.  Let's talk about the best juice of the Pacific fashion.  Check out what is cooking in Australia .... in this incredible eco-country, the slow-fashion brand autark is all about glamor and respect using an ethical production process.  The head designer and founder of the brand, Sophia (apart from being a happy wonderful woman!) creates garments from the most luxurious of silks, cottons, linens and an array of natural fibers that are carefully considered in their construction for maximum wearability and versatility.  We love the excellence of autark's designs, their authenticity, feminine approach, quality and for being one of the pioneers in green fashion in Australia. 

Sophia's brand and many other Aussie brands are being copied by the rest of fast fashion universe for having incredible pieces that are timeless and so easy to wear.  We do not have to explain more why we have been flirting with them since our early days !!  Pure love affair, find yours!