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Be essential and sustainable. 9 items that every clever women need in their wardrobe.

“Our consumerist culture and fast fashion have tricked us into believing that we must own everything.”

In the last 15 years, clothing production and consumption has doubled and the average consumer purchases 60% more clothing. The average garment is only worn seven times before it gets thrown out, that means that a garbage truck full of textiles is being trashed every second (Ellen McArthur) and nearly three-fifths of all clothing ends up in incinerators or landfills within a year of being produced (McKinsey). We buy more than they need. So what about asking ourselves the question: do I need all this?

No. Let's be minimal and talk about capsule wardrobes. I have been hearing and reading a lot about them! But what are they & how do I build one? This is the buzz question nowadays, specially when sustainability and a more conscious consuming is the must-have to survive in this century.
In the last 2 years I have been travelling and moving home a lot. I moved 10 times house in the last 24 months because of my career and I am a Brazilian married with an Australian, living in Europe. Not easy..! Anyway, I felt always so frustrated and tired of carrying so much stuffs and I finally decided that only carry what really, really matters. Chic and basic good items.

Investing in timeless and classic pieces is the key for a capsule and more sustainable wardrobe. Quality is really important too, the pieces you choose need to be built to last, hold universal appeal, and be able to work in many settings. Which is exactly why the capsule wardrobe is so essential and can be your best friend, I can guarantee with my own experience.
So I am delighted to share here with you some ideas to buy less items, shop better and transform your look with basic foundation of any look. And obviously, remember that you will feel 100% glamorous in any occasion or country.
1- Astronaut chunky sneakers.
All the brands have their own model. They are essential and comfy shoes to walk, to go working, to go to the gym, to play in the park, to go for a meeting and always look cool. Be sure they are  super comfortable, if you do not want to have injuries in your feet. I personally prefer the white and sustainable ones. Check out this one from Stella McCartney


2- A safe coat
A great trench coat will stand the test of time, growing with you as your style evolves. I love mixing it with feminine dresses, suits or any sportive clothes. You will look always elegant wearing one.  This below is from Km by Lange, handmade in Ukraine by artisans. Super easy to mix and match. Go for it.

3 - A good zero waste skinny pair of jeans
Over 1.2 billion pairs of jeans are purchased every year. So we humans love jeans…but their production request millions of litters of water and chemicals. So why not trying to buy a sustainable denim? We discovered beautiful ones from Mud Jeans. Zero wasted, made by recycled denim and organic cotton. They look amazing and do not destroy our planet in their production process. Can be more perfect?

4  - A good quality sweater
Invest in a super-chic basic sweater now and you’ll wear it on repeat for years to come. Specially if you live in a cold country. Try to choose easy colours as black, caramel or off white. This one is from the French brand Cass, it is made from Organic soft cotton and low impact dye. Cozy and eco-friendly.

5 - A tote bag
Have you ever wanted to have the perfect bag to carry your world?... But you never found it. Here it is. No matter what, I have always a tote glam bag on my hand to carry all my good vibes and sure, my computer. This one is designed and slow produced in Australia by Keevil. I've got one and it is my best bag ever!

6 - A comfortable medium size heels
Let’s be realistic, the super high heel are gorgeous and sexy, but not practical for our everyday life. To look always polished in the office or walking in the city I strongly recommend the medium size heels. Try with your pants, any denim, with skirt or ever shorts, you will always look perfect and will be able to walk fast. These ones are from Essén, handmade in UK.

7 - A huge pair of earrings
A nice jewellery is basic to feel always powerful. A nice pair of earrings illuminates your face like a quick botox. Choose a minimal shape one to be able to mix them with any outfit. It never fails. Check out these from PDPaola. Sparkling!

8 - A silk Slip Dress

All the influencers have one. Not because of this fact that I love so much the slip dresses. It is because is a classic, smooth and feminine weapon to have as an emergency to be quick-gorgeous. Clean, sexy and comfortable as well. I love wearing them with trainers and blazer during the day and with a heel at night. And the best is also that you can sleep with them!! Why not? This one is from Km by Lange. Gorgeous.

9  - A minimal Blazer
Our muse influencer @celineaargard always says... We do not wear for men. It means, we can wear like them and feel wonderful. We do not have to be a sex girlie bomb all the time! This item is one of the most important in a capsule wardrobe. If you choose wisely your blazer will go on for years. Try a masculine tailored one and look like Kate Moss in the 80’s. This minimal blazer below is ethically made from August Studio.

Good luck! XX Nina