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Be your own muse in fashion. What should I wear?

When you find yourself unhappy with your own shape and weight, you can become your own worst fashion enemy.  All the time our Instagram is bombarding us with skinny and amazing model figures... sometimes it seems that real people do not exist in fashion social media! Check how your fashion choices may make you feel happier and more confident about yourself. Stylists and fashionistas are working non-stop to create new ideas, special shapes, designs and tips to help all kinds of body shapes look great everyday.  It is possible to be glamorous and gorgeous just accepting ouselves as we are and not judging ourselves compared with super skinny influencers.

Depending on what you choose and how you combine your outfits, the right choices can help you feel more comfortable and sexy regardless of your body shape.  Colours, prints and good cuts can change your mood and cheer you up!  But always accept your body as it is for today.  You might have long-term goals to change your shape, but chances are they will not happen overnight.  Instead of obsessing over what your physique is, appreciate what it is for just this day.  Remember, you only get one body - be nice to it, love it and be happy with it.  Choosing the correct clothes that suit you better is a good start.  Check some Fisheyes Fashion tips bellow ...

The Maxi Blazer
This kind of blazer makes you look slimmer and always elegant.  Especially if you wear it with a dark top and skinny pants!!  Choose a maxi blazer in neutral colours such as gray, black or beige as a base to wear with almost anything like a cute printed dress.  You will always look gorgeous and balanced in a big blazer.  There are millions of ways to create a beautiful outfit with an extra large jacket.  Many influencers, no matter their weight or body shape are adopting year after year the maxi blazer and mixing it with feminine pieces.  Check and follow these amazing feeds in Instagram as @cupro @inthecity and @celinaaargard to be super inspired by this maxi blazer mood.

* This Maxi Blazer above is from SUNAD, produced ethically in Madrid with high quality fabric.  The shape and cut are perfect... a real asset to your wardrobe. Discover more about it now.

Straight and long dress and maxi accessories

A long and straight dress will always make your figure look more balanced.  Try to avoid ruffles and horizontal stripes prints if you are seeking a slimmer look.  Better choosing plain colours and wearing with flat comfortable shoes.  Choosing an oversized bag can help make you balance out as it does not look tiny next to you.  Whatever you wear, always feel comfortable and choose your real size, never one size less.  Clothes are not supposed to make you feel bad about yourself.  They are supposed to provide comfort, protection, modesty and aesthetic pleasure.

* This dress is from On Atlas.  We love the eco-fabric, the shape and also the idea that it is handcrafted in Spain by a fantastic brand comited to sustainability.  Perfect for spring / summer.  Discover more about it now .  Also check out this fantastic oversize bag in Lamb color handcrafted in Australia in he best quality Italian leather, by Keevil Sydney.

Focus on quality over quantity
Instead of buying many pieces of clothing that do not flatter you, invest in a few well-made items that you love and will last.  Think about it this way: a few high-quality items that make you feel amazing and last for 3 or 4 years are ultimately a better value than 10 or 15 items from the clearance rack that wear out quickly and make you feel less than your best.  Choose happy and better quality fashion to improve your life and environment.

Because everyone is beautiful and we all love fashion.