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Do not be tempted to buy a bikini for £1

Main photo above credit - Michael Oliver Love, Cape Town

The Telegraph wrote: "Missguided's 1 pound bikini is deeply problematic, it's time for the government to step in on fast fashion."

Sadly a week ago a UK brand called Missguided launched a bikini for £1.  Seriously?  It is more than obvious that to produce this bikini they used ultra cheap and exploiting labor as well as the lowest quality polyester fabric.  This does nothing but damage our planet.  Missguided  is the least sustainable brand in UK according to the Environmental Audit Committee ("EAC").  They devalue ​​clothing and the people who make them.  It is not OK to consume fashion excessively and throw millions of kilograms of plastic into our oceans killing marine animals all for someone to have a bikini at the same price as a coffee.  How much can the workers manufacturing this cheap garment be getting paid?  My bet..... less than 1 cent.  These brands are damaging our fashion industry and our your planet.  You can say NO!

We understand that most people cannot afford sustainable luxury brands like Jacquemus or Stella McCartney.  But darlings, wake up because it is better to swim naked than to buy a sh ** t bikini for £1!  There are many beautiful emerging brands and designers around the world that are not destroying all to sell you the worst bikini on the planet!  What is the point of going to the beach wearing a £1 bikini and swimming in plastic polluted water and knowing that to wear it, you have contributed to exploiting women in the process.

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