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Meet the fantastic fashion designer Ana Luisa, creative and owner of the label Aluf - Sao Paulo Brazil

1 - First of all, tell us a little bit about yourself. Who are you? What do you do?

I was born in Belém-PA, and when I was three years old I lived in Rio de Janeiro, the daughter of a Carioca father and a mother from Pará. I grew up seeing two different forms of Brazilian culture. Today I live in São Paulo for 5 years. I had a creation where thinking about the good of the next came first, and this reflects on my work.

Both the Brazilian identity composed of different experiences, and the thinking of the next.

I'm Aries, impulsive, full of energy to make things work, with a cancerous set that balances bringing sensitivity. I am a person who has both sides, I identify this even in my name, the Ana is the sensitive side, Luisa is the side that runs behind. And what I do today is very coherent with who I am.   I dedicate myself to the ALUF bringing the creative sensitivity, focus to the business side and humanity and sustainability for the brand.

2- What is fashion to you?

Expression. Not from a single individual, but a reflection of a society, a time, a thought.

3- Why sustainable fashion?

I graduated in Fashion Design, as a designer I must return products that are beneficial to society, with the least negative impact possible, seeking the positive impact. I did not see another way for me to create fashion that was not sustainable, I would feel selfish and create something without relevance.

4- When did you interest in fashion start?

This year on a visit to my parents' house I found some old diaries, where I saw that when I was 8 years old I was already designing clothes inside a theme, a mini collection, I already said that I wanted to be a stylist. The funniest thing was that I had forgotten that!  I did not remember that since I was a kid I wanted to be a fashion designer.  I remember doing 5 dress models or more with the towel when I left the bath, I remember that at the age of 15 I asked for a sewing machine, but I only remembered what I wanted to read these diaries this year. I think I thought it was a very unexpected profession, like being an actress or a singer, and during adolescence I must have forgotten this "dream of a child", but it showed what I really would be.

I have always been interested in all the subjects of the college, I say that fashion is the profession of the curious, we study different themes for each collection and we need to have a very broad view of society and the moment in which we live from various perspectives. In the end, that was what made me choose fashion, knowing that it was not just ephemera.

5- How is your creative process to create your collection?

First eye in, what do I feel, what do I have to question or address today?  It is these unconscious desires that I bring to light in my creative process, which is why I believe in the creative process as a form of art-therapy, and the ALUF is based on this, in the art-therapy brought by Nise da Silveira in Brazil.  When I meet the initial point of desire, I choose books that I believe may bring me, not necessarily an answer, but the development of this questioning.  I am a gym, I like to write about my subjects based on books.  From the text of the theme I look for images, bringing the silhouette, colors, details, textures that translate image that was previously in the unconscious.

6- Where did you find inspiration?

In my thinking, my desire to understand the abstract and transform it into images. Moments inspire me, people inspire me, stories inspire me, feelings and feelings.

7- Who is your favourite, new, up and coming designer?

Iris Van Herpen is not a new designer, but I really believe in her work. This year I met a German designer at a Chinese competition that we were in, his name is Joshua Sengespeick, he has a colorfull design that I loved, and this is very much to happen, since I love raw colours, but I really enjoyed his work.

8- What is the future of fashion in your country and in the world?

The raw material. Thousands of shapes, colours, attachments, embroidery, have been used, the future of fashion is in the material, in the composition, from craft to technology, in textile innovation, and this includes but is not limited to sustainable material.

9- How do you dress in everyday? Flat or heels?

Flat! I dress for what I need and want to be for myself and for the world, we dress to empower and belong. Today, what I'm looking for is a practical, comfortable, differentiated style, being clean and tidy at the same time. And wearing the Aluf's clothes has helped me achieve that. I love it when a client wears a play and says she felt important, special with her.