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Micro-bags: just a marketing fashion gimmick or a really revolutionary trend?


What woman has never dreamt about a huge perfect bag where she can carry all her world and her secrets?  The big tote bag was the must-have- trend of last summer 018 catwalks in Paris. Exagerated bags were everywhere, in every photo, post or magazine!  In all the shows of the spring / summer 019 huge bags were the key-accessory piece.

So what has happened now?  Tiny handbags from the French label Jacquemus became big news when they appeared on the catwalk during Paris Autum-Winter 2019 fashion week in February. The Mini Le Chiquito, with room to hold little more than a couple of mints or a single AirPod earphone, looked like a joke – but then fashion house Louis Vuitton launched its own nano bag, designed to hold no more than a lipstick.  What is going on? In my opinion, at least a mini bag should have space to carry a least our mobile phones now that we can pay all our bills with them, and sure our house keys.  I agree we do not need to always carry our huge wallets packed with cards, coins and crazy stuff.  But it seem that this season, the new luxury is… carrying nothing.  The less you carry, the further your are free to travel or be chic?  I am sure that Top Shop and Zara are now following this petite-bag-mood as they always follow where the big luxury fashion houses lead.

So having less is the trend?  The BIG most important question is: is this just a marketing tool to sell new bag styles or is the maxi bag really are going to be redundant and museum objects?  No matter what, having less and better quality stuff should be ALWAYS a good present or future trend.  

Photos: Jacquemus/bags