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NYC Fashion Week AW19. What is up in the shows.


Fashion, being the second largest industry in the world, directs our future choices, culture and is a constant reflection of our society.  It is guaranteed that this machine will keep evolving and growing and last week all eyes were focused on the "Big Apple" fashion week.  #Fisheyes Fashion had eyes there too looking at the top trends emerging for Fall/Winter in NYC for this 2019 and trying to spot some fresh new "slow-fashion" to share with you.  With a mix of runway collections, there was a mood for every taste this season.  So what´s up then?

The best news in NYFW was sustainability as a hot-topic.  With growing regularity our industry is showing that luxury does not have to come with a sacrifice of conscience or be tottaly "hippy".  Gabriela Hearst was our favourite designer with her eco-luxury collection of beautiful clothes made by upcycling excess fabric like fine wool, cashmere and silk.  "Upcycling" is the creative reuse of waste materials and other production byproducts!  Cool right!  All in tones of khaki, caramels, blacks, whites and greys.  Lovely!!!

Ruffles & Candy-Land
Marc Jacob reinvented himself, finally abandoning his 80s aesthetic and embraced a candy-flowers look.  The fashion critics loved it!  They loved his muffin shaped pink outfits and his dresses that looked like big roses.  Ruffles, ruffles and ruffles, always adding a little touch of 60´s to his cuts.  His show was romantic and so sweet… Hmmm, but also 90 minutes late.

Leathers & Feathers
Long leather jackets and dresses no matter which colour: from blues to purples were important in NYFW19. Nanushka, as a fabulous eco-designer and dominant influencer from Hungary boomed there with her vegan leather tops, pants and jackets.  This Hungarian designer is forging her own path with authenticity and values shouting out big time on her social media platforms.

Something we did not like this season was the trend toward the exaggerated use of feathers.  Let’s hope they were eco-fake (whatever that means!).  That being said, we are quite happy to see that NYFW is finally fur free this winter season.

Tailoring & Waist Belts
This season, the return of waist belts took various forms on the catwalk.  The perfect masculine tailoring suit shapes contrasted perfectly with the feminine belts accentuating the waist , as confirmed by Tibi, Helmut Lang & The Row.  This  was not surprising as these labels repeat and reinvent their tomboy aesthetic year after year.  Although the reality is that all was about waist marking in this shows, in suits, dresses or coats.

Freedom & good happy-mood
NYFW19 came with lot of joy and fun too. Cynthia Rowley brought her show to a private indoor pool with 12 models diving into the deep end in wetsuits and heels.  They were beautiful mermaids jumping into the water with colourful degree tone swimsuits. Sure that their make-up were clearly waterproof and kept perfect even under the water.  Not forgetting here to mention also that Rhianna shouted out strongly there for feminism and freedom in women shape, forms & beauty standards.  Rihanna says: “Women are running the world right now and it's 'too bad for men'.  This inspirational diva is leading the movement against the idea that being sexy and beautiful for men is the only rule of fashion.

Conclusion: Let’s celebrate fashion and all the positive changes that are coming from it!  Welcome to the Fashion Prozac happiness feeling.  We cannot go against the trends, but we can make them with better values and use them to change the world for better.  This week we have our heart in London Fashion Week too!  It has already started cool and turbulent with lot of people in street marching requesting for more sustainability and recycling processes in the fashion industry - not the "half hearted" token efforts presented by some of the Fast Fashion corporations.  Meanwhile Victoria Beckham and her family were showing off their brownie-black tricot weird jumper. (By the way was the only piece we did not like from her show, congrats Vicky!).

Read about LONDON FASHION WEEK next Monday! Thank you.