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Photo-art of the month: Marta Bevacqua, art director and photographer based in Paris.

Marta Bevacqua is this kind of creative-photographer that we can never forget in life. Not only because she has 354 k followers in her instagram, but because her work is a gift to our creative world community and eyes! I got in shock the first time I saw them. And felt absolutely in love with her sensibility, fantasy approach and with so much passion through her lens. Investigating about her career, I got super surprised that she is Italian, love pasta, and have only 29 years old with this huge talent. 

She was born and grew up in the countryside of Rome (Italy) and started taking photographs by chance after school and step-by-step it became a job. She got into fashion some years later, and from that moment she start working in Milan and Rome until moving to Paris, 3 years ago. Her images have inspired our FISHEYES project since our first month.... so I decided to create some courage and asked her for an interview. And you know what? She accepted straight away!!! Here we are with her words and her fantastic eyes in our magazine launch.Thank you so much Marta!

1 - First of all, tell us a little bit about yourself. Who are you, what you love to do and your career?
I’m Marta. I am an Italian girl of 29 years old.   I grew up in the countryside of Rome, Italy.  And since beginning of 2014, I have been living in Paris, France.  I mainly work in fashion but I also love exploring and realizing my own personal artistic and portrait projects.  I work as a director too since around 2 years.

2 - How do you experience photography and art in your everyday?
I like my life. I have no routine at all and I need to manage and organize every day, day per day.  Every day is different, that’s why I like it and also it’s perfect for me (since I get bored quite easily).  When I’m not shooting or retouching, I can pass my days preparing new projects, meeting people to work with, finding inspiration just walking around, and so on.

3 - Do you prepare a concept before your shooting?
Always. Sometimes I improvise a lot on the first concept, other times I respect the concept at 100 % (it depends on the project and if it’s a personal one or not).

4  - Which come first in your work: aesthetic or emotion?
I think the two come always together. No aesthetic without emotion and vice versa.

5 - Which futures project are you interested in?
I have some new ideas where I want to experiment a bit more and also some new travel and video projects.

6 -  What are a few words that describe and define your work as photographer and artist?
Natural, oneiric (dreamy), storytelling.

7 - Do you travel a lot for shooting and special projects?
Quite a lot, but I love traveling, so it’s not enough hahaha!

8 - Can you explain one shooting that had a deep impact on your career?
I think it’s probably a personal project I worked on during my first year in Paris. At the time, I had no inspiration at all, probably due to the personal problems I was having in France at the beginning (I could speak no French, I didn’t have an apartment yet and so on).  I started working on this 2-months-project, quite artistic, it’s called “through the glass” and I just created various situations always with a glass between me and the model.  Honestly, they are not my best pictures I think and 4 years passed, so I evolved and grew up a lot, but still… thanks to that project, I found “my art” again and really started to work in Paris.

9 - What is your ideal photography?
Something beautiful, in the objective meaning of the term.

10 - What is the connection between your work, nature and fashion?
I work in fashion, so fashion became a bit part of my style. Nature is fundamental for me and a ever-present element.  I just follow my instinct and what I like, and everything stays together.

Camera:  Any camera able to create an image. 
Photographer:  Paolo Roversi. 
Food:  Pasta. 
Country:  Norway. 
Book:  The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman.