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The beautiful story behind KM by Lange from Ukraine & Barcelona.

"Fashion moves fast but we do not.  We prefer to enjoy life at a slower pace.  Less items, possibly, but better ..."  This is the philosophy of our dreamy brand: KM by Lange a design studio based between Barcelona and Kyiv.  This fantastic slow-fashion brand is owned by the designer Kateryna Lange.  Apart from being a good friend she has been an influential collaborator during the development of the #Fisheyes Fashion concept!  We have a special love affair with KM by Lange.

All of KM by Lange's glam-items are crafted out of quality materials handmade by women for women in Ukraine all working only under ethical conditions.  KM by Lange has a deep desire to ensure fair compensation for all artisans involved in the production process and this brand is wholly aligned with the value of #Fisheyes Fashion. Kateryna designs all her collections to bring us a beautiful Ukraine minimal aesthetic, always taking care of the real human side of fashion. She also always mention her grandmother techniques, fabric and fashion fantasy influence. Their pieces are a mix of chic-vintage, minimalism, sophistication and art. As a good creative she is also the one who shoot most of her campaigns with such a delicate eyes.

Wow!  Enjoy her timeless collection in our web store and wear them forever because you are always the real trend. I personally always look to all her pieces and want to have them all being sure that I will wear them forever. Thank you Kati for being such a huge talent to the slow-fashion movement in this planet.

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