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Today’s “power trends” and most wanted items in fashion!


For most of us fashion means dreams, inspiration and a frenetic creative bombarding machine.  Fashion - you love it, or you hate it.  Karl Lagerfeld once said, “Fashion is a train that waits for nobody.  Get on it, or it’s gone.”

Many reports list the fashions industry as the second largest in the world economy after the oil & gas industry. And it looks it will keep growing hugely bringing us a lot of new brands, celebrities, designers, companies, trends and changes.  Fashion tends to mirror of our society. Here is my list of the 6 most powerful trust and most wanted items emerging in the fashion world over the last 6 months.  Check them out! 

Femininity and puff sleeves
The prairie girl details in dresses and tops, ruffles and the balloon sleeves have increased 400% Instagram mentions and tags over the last 6 months.  It seems this puff sleeve shape will be staying with us a while longer. Invest in one and be ready to fly with huge glamour with your balloon sleeves.  Check out this #Fisheyes Fashion top options in ivory and black bellow from Autark.

Slides sandals, ugly white trainers and white boots 
Together, these are considered the most wanted shoes of the year.  For me, it is hard to choose a favourite:

- The humble and ugly sneakers (it impossible to walk 100 meters in a fashion hot spot and not to see a woman wearing them… it is a kind of fever!!). They are an investment, buy a good quality pair and wear with any (I can tell you) outfit you can imagine and you will look cool.

- The slides sandal. The most wanted ones are from Gucci and  all world shoes brands produced their own version. Regardless of the price it does not matter!   These must have design mule sandals are pure comfort for your everyday throughout summer.  In #Fisheyes Fashion we have some cute options, all sustainable check this one from Essen Shoes, they are lovely!

- White boots are the uniform of the last winter and Spring. If they are magical or not, all influencers on Instagram have them in their feed.  If you already have a nice black pair of boots, white boots are always a fancy and elegant option to combine with trenches and printed dresses.  White boots are a safe investment for your wardrobe and are never out of style. This one we choose is from Lower Official, Korea, available only with pre-order in our webstore.

Belt Bags
Imagine you don’t have to use your hands to carry your bag and have them free to use your phone, carry your shopping bags or just to hug your friends.  It is super having the belt bags you will feel free to use your arms for other everyday functions. Internet searches for this bag style increased 80% in the last year and all cool street style girls are walking wearing with one. Versatile and easy. We love this one from Kozha Numbers!

Influencers and celebrities
Not products, not trends, but the most searched and wanted feeds in fashion are the celebrities and the influencers. Ariana Grande, Rhianna, Beyoncé, Megan Markle and Kylie Jenner were the most popular in the last 6 months for Instagram mentions and tags.  No matter what these fashionistas wear, shops sell out within hours when they are snapped wearing a design. Their outfits are the most viewed ones of the entire world.  Unbelievable!! We cannot deny their power!

Daddy or tom-boy look
The masculine cool outfits increased 439% in Instagram mentions and tags in the last year.  Wearing big shoulders, maxi jackets, tailored pants and oxford shoes is a kind of uniform in the urban street styles.  If you add to that a lot of feminine gold and pearl hairclips, you will be totally gorgeous and in this cool niche.

Photos above credit - Olivia Palermo and Pixie Market


This trend really matters for all of us and our planet!  Sustainability was a hot topic this year in Fashion and we are glad for that!!  Instagram mentions and tags for sustainable brands, organic cotton and vegan leather increased 47% this last year.  Also, the must-have sneakers of USA, Europa and Australia is VEJA.  A sustainable affordable French trainer made of recycle rubber from Brazil.  We love them and look all the rest of the world too.

There are much more other millions of trends and powerful changes coming and going every single day in this bubble called fashion. The list is so long and diverse…I never get tired of it, fashion is really fascinating! It is a powerful tool for improving your wellbeing. People who wear beautiful and a fair fashion, can change the world.