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Trend report. What All the Cool Nordic instagramers are wearing and doing?

"Scandinavian style is not about investing in lots of expensive items; it's about personalizing each item and reusing them over and over again, but in new ways. " Pernille Teisbaek summarizes the Nordic mood in her book, Scandinavian Dress.

I have been following and observing the rise of Influencers from Scandinavia and, to be honest, I think their outfits are consistently amazing. Also their attitude and lifestyle are becoming a reference point for our new fashion world. For many reasons they are becoming muses and trendy women to follow. Maybe because in the north of Europe they have culture of investing in good quality, in good design, and they are investing in sustainability and in healthier habits.
We have a lot of Nordic brand inspiration to be thankful including brands such as Ganni , Filipa K , and Cecilie Bahnsen  that are creating some of the brightest and sustainably-minded fashion of the moment. 

Scroll down for some Scandinavian outfit inspiration.

Contrasting feminine pieces with masculine items
One of the most important secrets to looking cool, breezy and effortlessly charming like a Scandinavian woman is to mix super feminine pieces with masculine minimal items.  Try wearing a tomboy masculine suit with feminine sandals. I can guarantee you will look stunning. * Photo credit and must-follow @celineaargaard_

White shirt and neutral tones head-to-toe
The white shirt is one of the favorite of Nordic women piece, it never goes out of fashion. A ‘must’ for every stylish woman’s wardrobe that make you look chic in your work, in your bike or in a party. Neutrals colours are also a big mark of their outfits, it seems that all fashion nordic Instagram feeds are in shades of beige, creams and ivory. Embracing this monochrome minimal trend make you 100% safe. * Photo credit and must-follow @persnilleteisbaek , Denmark.

Scandinavians are very good at lending their own twist to their look, like with layers.  Imagine that your body is a cabbage—and that you have just as many layers as you can to look cool. A turtleneck sweater under a sleeveless dress, a baggy sweater on a dress, or a vest on a blouse… don’t forget to add a clutch hand bag to this wrap-outfit.

Gym Sneakers, bikes and health

“We are a nation of cyclists.  Danish women want clothes they can bike to work in then go out for dinner.”

Happiness and comfort - these are the two most important words to illustrate the essence of Scandinavian style. If you want to get into their vibe, do not forget to have a big comfy astronaut trainers in your wardrobe. They fit perfectly with any outfit ... Add to your list to bike to ride (saves your money, improves fitness and does not pollute our air), green food in your fridge and a big smile. Healthy habits and a chic look. * Photo credit and must-follow @frejawewer , from Denmark.