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We have passion, we have passion for chairs! Discover Lina Bo Bardi.

The evocations of their silhouettes, the mixture of materials, colours, signs and dreams.  The encounter with the unexpected, the joke, the rest, the comfort, the beauty, the relationship with the object, the dialogue with the body.

Let's show a little the chairs designed by the architect Lina Bo Bardi.  Born in Rome, Italy in 1914, she graduated in architecture from the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Rome.  Collaborated in several magazines in Italy and was director of the Magazine of Architecture "Domus".  She worked in architecture offices, creating everything from furniture to large urban projects.
In 1946 she married P M Bardi, an Italian, journalist, historian, critic and art collector.
They lived in Brazil and in 1951, Lina became a Brazilian, a place she chose to live until her death in 1992.
In Brazil she developed a giant catalogue of architectural work, interior design, furniture design, jewellery, clothes, scenery, exhibitions, books and became a great reference for all Brazilians.  Knowing the way of life of the people, she used the cultural wealth of the country at hand.  In a sense, her work deepened in the Brazilian roots in its structural sense.
She rescued the simple objects made by the people and created the modern chair in Brazil, using materials such as leather, local fabrics and taking advantage of the extraordinary native woods, their colours and resistances.  It created a unique and timeless universe of these furniture so admired and desired by the outside world.  Her chairs indicate simplification and at the same time the erudition, finding there the poetics.
They are perfect, adherent to the body, present at any time.
She transformed the chairs into "instruments of rest" and intense desire.