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Where to eat green luxury food in Barcelona?

Who: Manglar Barcelona
What: Brunch,  Bistro,  Artisan beer & specialty coffee
Where: Calle Muntaner, 124 Barcelona
When: 9 - 17 Monday – Saturdays

“Our food should be our medicine and our medicine should be our food!”-Hipócrates
If you love delicious fresh organic food, happy service and good music, Manglar is the place to go for lunch in Barcelona. With only 4 mini tables and 2 big ones to share, this amazing bistro has luxury & a super affordable delicate food that makes a massage in your stomach (no kidding!).

The first time I ate there (recommended by a great French chef and a really good friend) I enjoyed every single chew of the food. I did many MMMM, OHH, Nham nham noises and my face was of pure pleasure. Orgasmic experience for my mouth. After that I could not stop coming back (they are my neighbors, lucky me!!) almost every day to try their different plates, menus and to learn about their story.

I was fascinated that to learn that they studied years about healthy nutrition, ancient and healthy food from different parts of the world. From this mix of passion for quality and seasonal food they created unforgettable beautifully presented plates that bring us to a luxurious simplicity to dining. I think to myself: luxury in food is not Caviar or Foié Gras anymore, is a simple fresh food!

And not forgetting the nice hospitality of the owner, Juan. He is always there serving personally his selected clients. Do not forget to try as well their organic wine, their artisan beers and their organic roasted coffee from Latin origens as Guatemala, Colombia, brazil ,etc.

Slow cooked, local ingredients and inspired by our grandmother´s kitchen, just around the corner. GREEN LUXURY!