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Helena Pontes

From Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Helena Pontes is a queen of the Brazilian slow-fashion movement.
Empowering women with avant-garde from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  One of the top-queen fashion designers of the Brazilian slow-fashion movement, Helena Pontes is pure power and authenticity!  She does all her collection with calm and uses specialist artisans to adopt a clean production process to transform the best fabrics into luxurious art-clothes.  These pieces are made with a mix of architectural influences, Brazilian culture, perfect details and exquisite workmanship.  They are made to last and shine.  At the Sao Paulo Fashion Week Helena, always grabs huge attention with her sophisticated collections.  Linen and silk, color block cuts, chic chemises, fluid dresses and sustainable production are key in her collections.  If you love fashion, glamor and our planet as we do, keep your eyes on Helena Pontes, choose one and feel unique!