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Km by Lange

"Fashion moves fast but we don´t. We prefer to enjoy life at a slower pace. Less items, possibly, but better...”. This is the philosophy of our dreamy brand: KM by Lange.
You are the trend!  KM by Lange from Kyiv, Ukraine & Barcelona, ​​Spain.
"Fashion moves fast but we do not.  We prefer to enjoy life at a slower pace.  Less items, possibly, but better ..."  This is the philosophy of our dreamy brand: KM by Lange a design studio based between Barcelona and Kyiv.  This fantastic slow-fashion brand is owned by the designer Kateryna Lange.  Apart from being a good friend she has been an influential collaborator during the development of the #Fisheyes Fashion concept!  We have a special love affair with KM by Lange.

All of KM by Lange's glam-items are crafted out of quality materials handmade by women for women in Ukraine all working only under ethical conditions.  KM by Lange has a deep desire to ensure fair compensation for all artisans involved in the production process and this brand is wholly aligned with the value of #Fisheyes Fashion.  Kateryna designs all her collections to bring to beautiful aesthetic which allows women to define their own style regardless of any trends.  Wow!  Enjoy this timeless collection and wear them forever because you are always the real trend!