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Our values

#Fisheyes Fashion does not "own the truth" when it comes to defining "what is sustainable fashion".  However, we feel the London based organization "Common Objective" which evolved out of the Ethical Fashion Forum gives us a great guide!  In summary, the sustainable values ​​of Fisheyes Fashion are aligned with the Common Objective and include:

  • Sustainable business modelSustainable business model
  • Protecting the environmentProtecting the environment
  • Recycling and waste managementRecycling and waste management
  • Environmentally friendly materialsEnvironmentally friendly materials
  • Fair tradeFair trade
  • Decent working conditionsDecent working conditions
  • Support traditional skillsSupport traditional skills
  • Ethical sourcing and supply chain managementEthical sourcing and supply chain management
  • Animal friendlyAnimal friendly
For a more detailed description check out the Common Objective website at: 

We ask that all our Brand Partners adhere to these general guidelines and advise us as soon as their products are not reasonably considered to be "sustainable fashion".  
Of course, we can not guarantee this but giving you fabulous sustainable fashion is our mission so we do our very best!