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About Us

FISHEYES FASHION is a progressive and ethically focused project born in Australia and based in London, UK.

Our ambition is to bring you a curated choice of exciting brands, designers and artists from around the world who are working for better luxury fashion with an emphasis on “slow” and ethical production. We are a pioneer portal engaging with the ever-growing demographic of sophisticated fashionistas embracing the shift away from “Fast Fashion” in favor of more timeless, high quality and long-lasting fashion.

Meet the founders

Nina Maia,
Fisheyes Fashion Curator

“My motivation is to make people as inspired and passionate about fashion as I am, without sacrificing human rights and our environment. Fashion is about you, it is about us, it is about creativity, about humankind, and it is about having values and wearing them head to toe. With the aid of social media and new digital technologies we can change our fashion world for better. I am really proud of being part of this change process that it is just at the beginning. We can be ethical and sustainable with our fashion choices while still having fun.”

Billy Oz,
Fisheyes Fashion Co-founder

“Fashion today presents one of the greatest risks to our environment and communities, but also one of the greatest opportunities. If we as individuals begin to make better ethical decisions on what we buy and what we wear, then collectively we can quickly change things toward the right direction for the benefit of our planet and humankind. Fisheyes is our way to help make decisions such as these more accessible, while protecting the designer and their craft, and proving that luxury can exist without detriment to people and the nature that surrounds us.”

Our Values

Fisheyes Fashion does not “own the truth” when it comes to defining “what is sustainable fashion”.

However, we feel the London based organization “Common Objective” which evolved out of the Ethical Fashion Forum gives us a great guide! In summary, the sustainable values of Fisheyes Fashion are aligned with the Common Objective and include:

  • Sustainable business model
  • Protecting the environment
  • Recycling and waste management
  • Fair trade
  • Environmentally friendly materials
  • Decent working conditions
  • Support traditional skills
  • Ethical sourcing and supply chain management
  • Animal friendly