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The Sant

The Sant... luxurious minimalist perfection. Less is more. From Barcelona, Spain.
Less is more.  The Sant from From Barcelona, ​​Spain.

The first time we saw a bag from The Sant in Barcelona, ​​we had a big-crush.  We totally fell in love with them!  Their perfect minimalist designs are produced using the best handcrafted traditions in Ubrique, Spain with the highest quality leather and traditional artisan workmanship.  They produce a small limited edition for each style and sell also in Paris.  The Sant's approach is to create innovative designs drawing inspiration from avant-garde artists revisited from a contemporary point of view.  The result is exclusive bags that are life long assets.  We adore their most recent photo shoot campaign: a gift to our eyes.  

Secret: we have some of them in our wardrobe and we are absolutely loving them!